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Al-Manar Factory

Al-Manar Pipes Factory is an ISO Certified company, established in 2003 that develops, manufactures and distribute a wide range of plastic piping systems such as UPVC, CPVC, PE, and PPR pipes and fttings. With a vision of being a global leader of producing high quality pipes and fttings, it made us one of the most preferred manufacturers and exporters in the region.

Al-Manar Pipes come with various ranges of classes, shapes and sizes to meet all infrastructural needs as our target market consist of diverse lines of businesses. Companies involved in water and sewerage system, energy and power distribution,

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Water supplies
Non-toxic uPVC pipes will not aect the taste, color, or smell of drinking water. They will never corrode and are therefore extremely sanitary. Deposits and scales will not build up inside as in the case for conventional steel pipes. Their strength is greater than asbestos pipes.
Irrigation Systems
Al-Manar uPVC pipes are ideal for agricultural irrigation and sprinkler systems. Non-corrosive Al-Manar uPVC pipes are perfect for carrying water which contains chemical fertilizers and insects inhibitors. In thick wall and large diameter Al-Manar uPVC pipes liquids can be transported under high pressure which is convenient for the management of large farms.
Resistant to most chemicals, Al-Manar uPVC pipes have an important role to play in industrial plants. Light, non-corrosive and easy to assemble they allow more complex piping work that with steel or cast-iron pipes.
Drainage System
Waste line for corrosive gases, ventilation for o ce buildings and factories; drainage systems for private homes and elevated highways - these are a few of the many possibilities for Al-Manar uPVC pipes. A full line of uPVC  ttings is available to assure easy installation.
Electrical & Telecommunications
Al-Manar uPVC pipes form in an integral insulator, hence there is an ever-increasing demand for them as electrical conduit. To facilitate work, a full line of  ttings is available and fabricated from the same material as the pipes.
Al-Manar uPVC pipes particularly are well-suited for draining corrosive liquids found in mines. They make an ideal vent line for pits because they are easily installed in hard to reach places.

ISO QMS 9001: 2008
Water Regulations Advisory Scheme ( WRAS )