PPR Pipes


PPR Piping system is designed for cold and hot water installations as well as in floor and central heating systems. They can also be used for distribution owing to their chemical resistance and other properties.

PPR Pipes and Fittings are made of polypropylene random copolymer, type 3(PPR). This material is known for its strength, stability and resistance to high temperatures. Physical and chemical properties of the material meet the special requirements of drinking water supply and heating systems. Al-Manar PPR pipes are certified on effect on quality of water by Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS).


– Long life service – even 50 years
– Corrosion and Abrasion resistance
– Low thermal conductivity 0,22 W/m°K
– High resistance to inner pressure
– Low pipe friction – low roughness rate and low flow resistance
– Quick, easy and clean assembly
– Vibration and noise suppression; good electric current insulator
– Recyclable
– Light impermeability no risk of algae development
– One type of pipe connector to all pipes

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