Al-Manar uPVC pipes resist corrosion caused by acid, alkalis, oils, salts, moisture and the media inside and outside the pipe. It is particularly reliable for resistance to the severe climatic and soil conditions in Saudi Arabia. They are entirely non-toxic. It will not affect the taste, smell or color of water or liquid not react with any liquid to cause a precipitant. Al-Manar uPVC pipes have a mirror-smooth surface which minimize resistance and impede the build-up of deposits and corrosive scales.

Al-Manar uPVC pipes have great tensile strength yet they are flexible enough to withstand displacement in the pipe line. They will not dent or flatten under pressure. The pipes are incredibly light. Their specific weight is one fifth of steel pipe. This cuts down transportation costs and facilitates the installation of pipes and reduces its cost.

Al-Manar uPVC pipes are quick and easy to install, with a complete range of fittings, using solvent cement or rubber joints. Joints are leak-proof. uPVC pipes can be cut easily for installation, and can be quickly repaired with a minimum of complication or cost. Further, it will not support combustion. In the event of fire, flames are unable to travel along the pipe. It is self-extinguishing, that’s why it’s ideal for electric conduits. Because uPVC in itself is an integral insulator, it eliminates the possibility of electrolytic corrosion which so often destroys underground piping.

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