CPVC Pipes


Polyethylene is a strong, extremely tough, very durable product which offers long service and trouble-free installation. HDPE is generally used for high pressure applications ranging from 3.2 to 25 Bar, in conjunction with compression, butt-weld or electro-fusion fittings. MANARCO HDPE piping conforms with ISO 4427:1996 specification, certified on effects on quality of water by Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS), and certified by Saudi Arabian Standards Organization (SASO).


MANARCO High Density Polyethylene pressure pipes are specified with confidence in the following applications:
• Civil Engineering: Water mains and reticulation systems
• Building: House connections and cold water reticulation systems
• Agriculture: Irrigation and water supply schemes
• Industrial: Sewer effluent control and water purification. Conveyance of chemicals and water in most industrial plants
• Mining: Conveyance of water and air in underground operations. Used extensively in treatment and recovery plants
• Telecommunications

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